International Influencers: Mark Enzer

Enzer discusses technology’s influence on the industry—and the value of the information behind it

Mark Enzer, chief technical officer for Mott MacDonald, believes that evolution within the construction industry is just part of transformation across the infrastructure industry. It’s time to transform the culture of data and information to recognize data as a resource and to manage information as an asset—and to redefine value in terms of “outcome per whole-life dollar,” he says.

With 30 years of experience doing engineering, management and consultancy at Mott MacDonald, Enzer has seen the infrastructure industry from a variety of viewpoints. Before becoming chief technical officer, he worked for a number of years within a collaborative alliance for a major asset owner. In addition, he’s a fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. This career path has allowed Enzer to have both a macro and micro perspective of the industry, which yields a comprehensive view on infrastructure delivery and supply chain mechanics as well as the higher-level theories behind the performance of the overall infrastructure cycle. With that perspective, Enzer pushes the industry toward innovation in the context of collaborative delivery models and rethinking the way value is delivered for the end user.