International Influencers: Tim Broyd

Former ICE President Dr. Tim Broyd discusses technology adoption, the importance of the ICE and the crucial role that young people will play in the future of engineering


During his tenure as the 152nd president of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) from 2016-2017, Tim Broyd, Ph.D. dedicated his time to helping the industry become fully engaged with digital transformations and innovative technology adoption. Broyd received his Ph.D. in science and civil engineering at the University of Birmingham in 1979. He also serves as professor of built environment foresight and honorary professor of civil engineering at The Bartlett, University College London, and is also a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Now even after his tenure at ICE has ended, Broyd remains committed to furthering the industry’s technology adoption, and stresses the crucial role that ICE can play within industry. “We are really working at the heart of society to improve both the UK’s and, as far as we can, the world’s infrastructure. Thirty percent of our current 93,000 members are based outside of the UK, so we are in the transition of becoming a global organization.”

What is the Institution of Civil Engineers?

The ICE is the oldest professional engineering body in the world and will be celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2018. It was founded as a charitable organization with the objective to serve society by helping with the delivery and operation of good infrastructure.

The Three Main Objectives of ICE:

  • The organization is a qualifying body as it’s the only organization in the UK empowered to provided chartered civil engineer status to individuals who have met the right academic and—more importantly—industry experience requirements.
  • ICE provides lifelong learning to our members and others working in civil engineering and infrastructure through a program called ICE Learns.
  • ICE aims to provide authoritative and evidence-based information to bodies that sometimes work more on a conviction basis, including parts of government spanning regional, national and overseas governments. The organization looks to provide engineers with a good foundation and keep them topped off with knowledge throughout their careers.
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