Revu 2015.1.1 and Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.4 Now Available

June 2, 2015 by

Revu 2015.1.1 has just been released! This update resolves an issue resizing and maximizing the application window in Windows 8.1 environments, and includes some bug fixes affecting Studio Sessions and AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users.

Revu and Vu iPad 3.0.4 are available as well and include support for iOS 8.3. Revu iPad also introduces the Stamp tool on the Markup toolbar and Stamp import functionality. For a full list of updates to both Revu 2015 and Revu/Vu iPad, check out the release notes page on our website.

Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.2 Just Released

March 10, 2015 by


Revu iPad and Vu 3.0.2 are now available. In addition to improvements and fixes to both, Studio Sessions created in Revu iPad now can be set to automatically expire at a specific date and time. To learn more, check out the full release notes.

A Tale of Love, Loss and Sticky Notes

February 13, 2015 by

Recently Bluebeamers in the Pasadena office noticed that our neighbors in the office across the street had been trying to communicate with us through sticky notes. And it looks like they may have a bit of a crush…


As flattered as we were, our hearts already belong to our customers, so we politely declined.


But eventually they understood, and now we’re really good friends. In fact, today we got this “Happy Friday” in Morse code message.


So we’re meeting up later for cocktails.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time,

Jenn 🙂

Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.1 is Now Available!

February 11, 2015 by


Revu iPad and Vu iPad 3.0.1 have just been released! This update includes overall improvements and fixes to Revu iPad, plus the addition of several new features to Vu iPad. For starters, Studio GO lets you immediately access and navigate your single sheet, large format drawings with an all-new instant rendering engine. Background Sync lets you continue working while files are syncing. Plus, folder hyperlinks that have been generated on your desktop are now supported for easier document set navigation on the go. To learn more about these new features and improvements, check out the full release notes.

Revu 2015 is Here!

February 3, 2015 by

That’s right, Revu 2015 has arrived, and we’re introducing highly requested new features and enhancements to help you work smarter, automate critical processes, bring greater clarity to your markups and gain more control and flexibility over project collaboration. You asked. We delivered.

Register now to see the new features in action and ask Bluebeam’s Account Services team questions in our live Revu 2015 post-launch webinar on Tuesday, February 17.

Happen to be in the Kansas City area? Come celebrate with us! Spots are still open for the Revu on the Road KC launch party. Visit for information on the new features, launch party details and webinar information.

More Love from our Revu 2015 Beta Testers

January 16, 2015 by

In case you missed it, this week’s new Revu 2015 feature leak webisode revealed three new (or enhanced) batch automation tools that will be included in Revu 2015: Batch Compare Documents, Batch Overlay and Batch Slip Sheet*. Whether you’re comparing documents or slip-sheeting in revisions, these new features will take you from imagining the possibilities to completing projects faster and more efficiently than ever before. Honestly, I could talk about how awesome these new tools are all day, but our beta testers can sum it up much better than I can. 🙂

Gray Construction

“Our typical project has hundreds of sheets of drawings and multiple revisions, so the new batch tools help us tremendously. The combination of these new features may finally give us a construction site that’s paperless.”

— Gary Hisel, Gray Construction


Taylor logo

“Bluebeam has always exceled at manipulating multi-page, large format PDFs, but now it’s even better with more powerful batch tools. The new Batch Compare tool will facilitate much faster plan coordination reviews between consultant drawings.”

— Nathan Woods, Taylor Design


ARC“Bluebeam is always saving me time, but the auto slip sheet, superseded stamp and replace page content features are cutting my production time in half. Project managers/engineers are going to love it.”
— Keith Schwarting, ARC Document Solutions


*Exclusive to Revu 2015 eXtreme

Revu 2015 – The Countdown Continues!

January 8, 2015 by

vector-logo-revuWe’re still counting down the days until Revu 2015 launches on February 3rd! And in early February, we’re taking Revu on the Road to spread the word about Revu  2015’s new game-changing features. Join us for one of our feature-packed launch parties in Kansas City or Atlanta. Not local to KC or ATL? Catch a sneak preview of Revu 2015 in one of three pre-release webinars in late January. You can also get a glimpse of what’s coming in Revu 2015 with our weekly feature leak webisodes, which include a giant dose of Bluebeam fun! Visit for launch party details, webinar registration information and our webisode series.

Our Beta Testers Are Loving the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler in Revu 2015!

December 18, 2014 by

Beta testing for Revu 2015 is underway, and the feedback we’ve received so far is very exciting! One of the tester favorites is the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler. This new feature eliminates the need to manually rescale tool sets by enabling markups to automatically resize when used on documents with different scales. Here’s what a couple of our beta testers have to say about it:

KDOT-logo“We’re excited about the new Dynamic Tool Set Scaler. Up until now, we’ve always had to create and maintain multiple tool sets containing the same sets of tools at different scales. Now we can consolidate these tool sets into one single set and leave it up to the reviewer to determine the scale of the tools.”

– Jonathan Mushock, Kansas DOT


Taylor logo

“… the ability to set the scale for Tool Chest items is simply awesome!”

– Nathan Woods, Taylor Design

Be sure to stay tuned for more sneak peeks of what our beta testers are saying about the new features in Revu 2015. And, don’t forget to check out our feature leak video on the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler to learn why size no longer matters. 🙂

Until next time,


Attend a Revu on the Road Launch Party

December 10, 2014 by

Celebrate the release of Revu 2015! Bluebeam Software is hosting a series of launch parties across the country – and you’re invited. This February, join us in Pasadena (CA), Seattle (WA), Kansas City (MO), and Atlanta (GA). Learn about the exciting new Revu 2015 features, meet with Bluebeam experts that help drive product development forward, and eat, drink and network with fellow industry experts.

And, don’t forget to spread the word. If three (or more!) people register or add their names to the waitlist and put you down as their reference, we’ll send you a Revu 2015 t-shirt and mouse pad. While there is no fee to attend, registration is mandatory. Door registrations will not be accepted. Visit to learn more.

Until next time,


The Revu 2015 Countdown Begins!

December 3, 2014 by

vector-logo-revuRevu 2015 is coming soon, and we’re counting down the days on In early February, we’re taking Revu on the Road to spread the word about the new, game-changing features in Revu 2015. Join us for a feature-packed launch party in Seattle, Atlanta, Kansas City or Pasadena! Or catch a sneak preview of Revu 2015 in one of our three pre-release webinars in late January. Visit for details on our launch parties and webinars.

And starting today, we’ll be releasing some special feature-leak videos. The first is available now, and highlights the new Studio GO feature soon to be available in Revu iPad 3.0, so be sure to check it out!

More are coming soon so keep an eye out as they’re sure to be worth your laugh!

Until next time,


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