Point of View: Estimation as a Sales Tool

Premier Mechanical’s Andy Hubner uses Bluebeam Revu to increase the accuracy and visual value of bids

Exceeding the challenges of bid accuracy and consistency is a crucial part of any subcontractor’s success and an obsession for Premier Mechanical Director of Business Development Andy Hubner. In such a competitive industry, Hubner has turned to Bluebeam Revu to better his company’s chances of submitting a winning bid. Now he presents his bid submissions in a 3D PDF with digital drawings filled with the most accurate, consistent and visually appealing information, yielding better vendor relationships, more efficiency among estimators and, most importantly, more winning bids. “We pull out our Bluebeam 3D PDF, showing all the equipment markups and the customer is just wowed. And it’s not for show; it’s for higher level product. This is where the industry needs to be,” he says.


  • Estimations lacked consistency within the markups, causing confusion on data
  • Bid accuracy could be improved with vendor information and item pricing
  • Written bid submissions lacked visual and presentation appeal to potential clients


  • Premier used Revu for custom toolbars for trade specific information
  • Revu allowed vendors to upload profiles and detailed product information
  • Premier used Revu to showcase the bid as a 3D PDF and presented that to clients


  • Custom toolbars standardized markups with the most current and accurate information
  • Bids now featured specific equipment manufacturers, model numbers and sizes allowing Premier to increase accuracy, strengthen procurement and control profit margins
  • Presenting a comprehensive 3D PDF in a scope review gives Premier a huge competitive advantage among clients and owners

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