Point of View: Technology Implementation

IT Director Ed McCauley transitions IT from backroom support to business transformers

As IT Director for Wohlsen Construction, Ed McCauley had a vision to not only maximize the company’s tech stack, he wanted to push IT requirements to the forefront of project planning. After seeing the potential of Bluebeam Revu, McCauley began examining the ways he could promote technology adoption and build great user experiences for Wohlsen’s employees.


  • Proving software value for Wohlsen’s existing tech stack, as well as viable future options
  • Standardization proved impossible without the right deployment tools in place
  • Enterprise-wide efficiency issues and trouble with document management


  • Success stories with examples helped skeptical adopters embrace the available technology
  • Mobile deployment tools and scripts allowed user preferences to remain during updates
  • Revu automated processes, keeping users in sync with the most relevant information


  • Team members who adopted Bluebeam Revu found an instant improvement in efficiency
  • Tools and scripts allowed Wohlsen to customize technology for a better user experience
  • Fostering organizational trust led to the creation of project technology execution plans