The Power of Standards

A documentary from The B1M and Bluebeam

The B1M and Bluebeam recently presented “The Power of Standards”—a groundbreaking new short documentary that explores how consistent approaches can drive efficiency and improve outcomes across the construction sector. The film charts the journeys of passionate individuals who have worked to drive standardized approaches to PDF use in the construction sector across the US, Sweden and the UK in recent years. As part of the film’s premier, Fred Mills, co-founder of The B1M, led a panel discussion featuring industry leaders from across the UK.

“The Power of Standards” touches on several important questions in this era of digitalization:

  • What are PDF standards and why do we need them?
  • Collaboration vs. competition: eliminating the mundane tasks helps everybody’s bottom line
  • How and where else can the idea of standards be applied in our industry? What other areas are ripe for improvement?

Watch the full event on demand here.