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Stacey, the ‘Bluebeam Guru’ Revolutionising Drafting at Inertia  

In construction, Stacey has emerged as a trailblazer, making a remarkable impact on the implementation of Bluebeam at Inertia Engineering  

In construction, Stacey Reibelt has emerged as a trailblazer, making a remarkable impact on the implementation of Bluebeam at Inertia Engineering, an Australian-based construction company. Recognised as the “Bluebeam Guru” within Inertia, Stacey has played a vital role in integrating this powerful software throughout the organisation. However, her journey toward this achievement began long before her time at Inertia. 

Stacey’s passion for drawing and design was evident from an early age, but it wasn’t until high school that she discovered drafting as a potential career. The concept of transforming 2D sketches into immersive 3D models fascinated her, igniting a lifelong love for bringing designs to life. With this passion driving her, Stacey pursued her first job as a junior drafter at a local Brisbane engineering firm and continued to study, completing an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering. 

From there, Stacey’s career soared. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to self-improvement propelled her through the ranks, eventually positioning her as a senior drafter at a prominent construction company. In her current role, she meticulously creates intricate drawings for complex construction projects. What Stacey cherishes most about drafting is the immense satisfaction she derives from witnessing her designs materialise. Knowing that her work contributes to the development of structures and infrastructure that will benefit communities for years to come fills her with pride. 

Stacey describes the role of a structural drafter as the backbone or skeletal structure of a building, while architects and designers focus on its external appearance and the services team handles plumbing and electrical aspects. As a structural drafter, Stacey develops 3D models of buildings and accurately documents them in 2D form, laying the foundation for builders to construct the edifice with precision. Without drafters, the creation of such structural marvels would be impossible. While engineers handle the calculations and mathematical aspects, drafters like Stacey engage in the exciting task of creating 3D models. However, they also face the challenge of frequently reviewing and revising their work, particularly due to architectural design modifications. Additionally, suggestions from builders might require drafters to return to the drawing board and recreate their designs. 

Recognising that the construction industry remains predominantly male-dominated, Stacey ardently believes that more women should consider pursuing careers in drafting. She views drafting as a field that values creativity, precision and attention to detail—qualities that women often excel in. Stacey encourages young women to explore drafting as a viable career option and not be deterred by the prevailing male-centric culture within construction. 

To facilitate greater female representation in drafting, Stacey advocates for companies to actively seek out female candidates and provide mentorship opportunities for women entering the field. She emphasises the significance of having role models who can demonstrate that success in drafting is attainable, despite the existing gender disparity. Stacey also underscores the importance of education and training, urging schools to promote drafting as a viable career path for women and offer more opportunities for them to delve into drafting and design. 

Stacey acknowledges that education and training are paramount in the drafting field. She urges aspiring young women to pursue careers in drafting with confidence, encouraging them to voice their ideas without hesitation. Finding a mentor who can provide guidance and support throughout their journey is another piece of advice she shares. 

Stacey’s invaluable contributions to Inertia’s implementation of Bluebeam serve as a testament to the significance of women in the construction industry. When Stacey joined Inertia a year ago, the company had already adopted Bluebeam, but its full potential had not been explored. 

Stacey’s comprehensive knowledge of Bluebeam, acquired through her extensive experience and successful implementation of the software in previous organisations, captured Inertia’s attention. Her genuine passion for Bluebeam and its capabilities played a significant role in her recruitment. And without a doubt, Stacey has not only met but exceeded expectations, consistently showcasing her exceptional skills, and delivering exceptional results. 

In her role as the Commercial Drafting Team Lead, Stacey oversees a team of six drafters in the commercial sector and offers guidance to another six drafters in the residential/ industrial sector. She has implemented the Inertia Bluebeam template and made significant improvements to the toolchests. Stacey also conducts bi-monthly “Elevate” sessions where she trains the team on various aspects of Bluebeam, from valuable tips and tricks to utilising Bluebeam Studio and collaborative Studio Sessions. 

The Inertia employees have wholeheartedly embraced Stacey’s training sessions, finding her presentation on Bluebeam tips and tricks to be enlightening and valuable. As a result of Stacey’s contributions, Inertia now has a standardised approach to markups and deliverables, which will undoubtedly benefit the company in the long run. 

Stacey’s inspiring journey serves as a shining example of how hard work, dedication and passion can lead to a fulfilling career in a traditionally male-dominated industry. She stands as a strong advocate for increasing the representation of women in drafting and hopes that her story will inspire other women to pursue careers in this field. 

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