Reconciliation in Action: Downer’s Industry Leading Approach

Discover the success story of Downer Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and its impact on the construction industry. Explore how their commitment to Indigenous employment, cultural respect, and community engagement has transformed their business. Learn about the power of RAPs in driving economic equity, fostering positive relationships, and creating a more inclusive future.

House design for resilience

Resilient Design and Construction

Discover the importance of resilient design and construction in the Asia-Pacific region, which is highly susceptible to natural disasters. Learn how resilient materials, innovative construction methods and green infrastructure can increase the strength and durability of buildings and infrastructure.

Founders of Eve Workwear

Meet Eve Workwear 

Breaking into the construction wear industry was not easy for Eve Workwear, but after 12 years, the company is successfully meeting the needs of female construction workers.

Build it and they will come

Build It And They Will Come

Australia’s infrastructure industry plays a central role in building our nation’s growth and economic sustainability. Learn how to build a pipeline of work where your construction business can capitalise on the current infrastructure boom.