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Technology Advancements in Green Building

A plethora of emerging technologies is helping the construction industry improve its sustainability outlook

The lack of data and insights has long been a challenge for the green building industry. The inability to track the impacts of green construction methods and materials has made it difficult to determine how successful those efforts actually are and demonstrate those benefits to stakeholders. 

But today, technology is revolutionizing the sector, providing real-time and real-world information about the pros and cons of different designs and materials. The data is enabling the sector to fine tune projects and ensure buildings deliver sustainability benefits as promised. Once projects open, technologies can optimize a building’s operations to bolster energy efficiencies and cut operations costs. 

Technology advancements that are supporting green construction include:  

Energy Management Systems: Monitor and adjust a building’s real-time energy needs, driving energy efficiencies and operational cost savings.  

Renewable Energy Integrations: Incorporate renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps and solar panels into project designs to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.  

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Building Information Modeling: Reduces waste in the design process and facilitates the work to model and collaborate on various designs to produce the most sustainable options that optimize the use of natural resources and enhance energy efficiencies.  

Energy Analysis Software: Forecasts how much energy a building will use pre-construction, allowing designers, contractors and owners to proactively make informed decisions about a project’s design, including how best to harness various green building options. 


Artificial Intelligence: Bolsters green construction by harnessing AI algorithms to streamline the design process, allowing professionals to compare the benefits of different options; forecast a project’s environmental impact; and make smarter, more sustainable decisions about aspects of a building’s design, construction and operation.  

Construction Equipment Technologies: Track and optimize the performance of construction equipment, including through digital control systems, which automate some tasks, and telematics, which remotely track equipment use, helping to reduce fuel costs and produce other benefits.

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