5 Things Architect Gautam Shenoy Can’t Live Without

AEC workers rely on several essential tools to get the job done. Here, an architect shares the items he can’t live without on the job

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Gautam Shenoy is director of design technology at Los Angeles-based architectural firm Steinberg Hart. When he’s not advising clients on technology, Shenoy can be found riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle throughout the California desert.

These are the five things Shenoy can’t be without. 


Of course, always staying connected these days requires a smartphone, and Shenoy cannot be without his iPhone. Having all necessary mobile applications in one place is essential, Shenoy said, especially as his technology director role often requires him to troubleshoot issues when he’s not in the office. “Basically, I can work from anywhere as long as I have either a decent cellphone connection or Wi-Fi,” Shenoy said.


Most architects carry notebooks for sketching, but Shenoy is a bit different. He prefers using his notebook to, well, make notes. As director of design technology, Shenoy is often jotting down notes on ways to help make clients’ lives easier through technology. “I will always make sure that I have someplace where I can put all my thoughts together,” Shenoy said.

Pocket Knife

Shenoy doesn’t go anywhere without his James – The Carter pocketknife. “I can use it to cut stuff, open things and so forth,” Shenoy said. “I can also double it up as a tool when I’m riding my motorcycle. So, if I need to fix something, it has the capability to be used as a tool.”

AirPods Pro

As remote work has become more prevalent, Shenoy has found immense value in having Bluetooth wireless earphones on him at all times. His model of choice is Apple’s AirPods Pro. “We all know about the need to stay connected,” Shenoy said. “So having a regular set of headphones is great but having a pair of Bluetooth earphones and being able to have the capacity to stay connected to your phone at all times is also great.”

Scale Ruler

Although Shenoy is an avid user of cutting-edge construction and architecture technology, his architectural roots remain. As a result, he is always prepared when a client or job is paper-based with his set of scale rulers that he cannot live without. “For civil, I have the metric ruler, and for architectural, I have the imperial ruler,” he said.

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