Tour the Top 8 Architecture Stories Featured on Built

April is Architecture Month on the Built Blog. Celebrate with these top architecture stories featured on the blog in the past year

April is Architecture Month on the Built Blog. To celebrate and acknowledge the vital role architecture and design plays in construction, we’ve assembled all the best stories we’ve published on the topic in the past year.

To start, let’s take a series of virtual architecture tours by visiting some of the best cities in the world. Most people haven’t been able to travel during the past year due to COVID-19, but the Built Blog video team has you covered with these city architecture tours that will delight both the most ardent architecture enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

Chicago, Illinois

Brisbane, Australia

Dive into the debate …

The debate has raged among building observers for decades: Is contemporary architecture beautiful or boring?

The Rising Star Making Waves in Chicago Architecture …

Tiara Hughes is one of the youngest and most profound voices in Chicago architecture, and she’s ready to take her message of equality in the industry to the national level. Click here to read about Hughes’ remarkable story, and read more here about the ongoing push she is making to improve Black representation in the profession.

Can you hear architecture?

For most, architecture is a sight to behold, but building design is more than just what you see. According to this extensive feature by Built contributing journalist Emily Beyda, the emerging field of psychoacoustics shows how a building’s sound can affect occupants. Click here to learn more. Also, read about how color plays an equally powerful role in architecture and building design.

Architecture is more than buildings …

As CEO of the largest Black-owned architecture firm in the United States, Jonathan Moody has a unique lens through which to view the profession. Our Q&A dives into why Moody got into the family business, the challenge of taking over as CEO of the Columbus, Ohio-based firm from his father, as well as his favorite parts of the job. Read more here.

Bringing nature inside …

Architecture is more than just what’s on a building’s outside. Interior design plays a major role in how a building is valued by its occupants. And the emerging style of biophilic design, which aims to bring strong elements of nature indoors, is making major waves as people gravitate toward the health and well-being benefits that come with the architecture style. Read more here.

This is how Built celebrated Women in Construction Week this year.