Top Built Stories 2023

The Top Built Stories of 2023

From generative AI to the industry’s continued sustainability push, these were the top Built Blog stories in 2023


The construction industry has much to be proud of in 2023. Even as headwinds like inflation, rising interest rates and a massive worker shortage threatened to crimp the industry’s growth, it persevered.

New technologies, such as generative artificial intelligence (AI), started finding practical applications in the design process. Innovations in building materials emerged. And the industry continued its push to become more environmentally sustainable.

These accomplishments and more are reflected in Built’s top stories from the year:

Turner Construction Produces a Bold Initial Measurement of Embodied Carbon: Carbon tied up in building materials makes up the largest source of construction emissions—but difficulties quantifying it make reducing the industry’s carbon footprint tough.

From Navy Flight Deck to the Tennessee Hills: Meet Bluebeam’s Charles Todd: The US Navy veteran has brought a wealth of military skills and experiences to his now ‘peaceful’ life helping advance construction through technology.

Is Construction Ready for Generative AI?: Startups using the promising new technology say it will be a ‘superpower’ for the industry in the not-too-distant future.

Why Converting Vacant Office Space to Housing Isn’t So Simple: Societal shifts following the COVID-19 pandemic—namely the rise of remote work—have left millions of square feet of office space vacant. But converting those buildings to housing and other potential uses comes with several complications.

How Archeologists Keep Builders Building: Companies like Alpine Archaeological Consultants are part of a $1 billion industry devoted to cultural resource or heritage management in the construction industry.

These Australian Hiking Cabins Are a Sight to Behold: Roughing it in the great outdoors is a little more luxurious in these cabins, which underwent a painstakingly detailed and complex design and construction process.

Curious why 3 million AECO professionals worldwide use Bluebeam to finish projects faster?


The Next Frontier for Women in Construction: Jobsite Workwear: Most, if not all, of construction workwear is made for men. One enterprising woman aims to change that—starting with pants.

Can Construction Be Completely Emissions Free? Norway Aims to Find Out: The Nordic country is already a leader in environmentally responsive building; now it wants to make its construction industry the cleanest on earth. Can it be done?

This Unlikely Construction Material Also Tastes Great on Burgers: Say what now? That’s right—most would agree that mushrooms sauteed with onions atop anything is delicious. It turns out the ingredient may also be a game-changer as a building material that also helps reduce construction waste.

The Metaverse Comes to Construction: Contractors are increasingly turning to virtual environments to help with pre-construction, and as more of society leans into the so-called metaverse, the technology’s use in construction seems poised to grow.

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