Why Digital Success Is Baked into MMC

There is much focus on transforming existing construction processes with technology. For MMC, software solutions are built in from the start.

The construction industry needs to attract new talent to thrive in the years to come. This is part of the inspiration for the Chartered Institute of Building’s annual competition, the COIB Global Student Challenge, which sees students from around the world run a virtual construction company for a few weeks, with tasks and job performance being scored by an expert panel of judges.
The past two-years have done much to push technology forward in the construction sector. Organisations are actively investing in digitals tools and, more crucially, skills. And whatever the strategic goals of the business there are solutions that can make a difference.
Contractors undertaking a building project need to know who can supply them with the materials to complete the job, at what price and when. This is where a request for information (RFI) comes in.
Working out how much a construction project is going to cost is the foundation of any scheme and is the responsibility of the estimator or quantity surveyor. Getting it right means contractors and developers can make a decent margin, while the owner gets a fit-for-purpose building. Get it wrong and all bets are off.

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