From keeping onsite equipment secure and productive to helping map out land and terrain for projects, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology offers the construction industry a dimension of information that was simply unthinkable a few decades ago.
The advent of virtual and augmented reality technology enables architects to walk clients through their designs well before a spade hits the ground, while contractors can overlay images of an existing site with a digital plan of things like pipework to determine what will work and what won’t
Researchers at the University of Kitakyushu in Japan found that chopped-up cleaned nappies can replace up to 10% of the composite material in a concrete mix for structural use in single-storey buildings and as much as 40% in nonstructural and architectural components
Discover how Golder, a global consulting firm, implemented Bluebeam as their standard software solution, revolutionising workflows and communication. Explore their four-step implementation strategy and how they customised Bluebeam to suit their diverse teams.

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