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Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.5 Now Available

July 14, 2015


Revu and Vu iPad 3.0.5 have just been released! In addition to improvements and fixes to both, they are now compatible with 64-bit devices. Be sure to check out the full release notes for all the details.

From Superheroes to Musicals: Bluebeam Celebrates 13 Years with a Look Back at Our Fun Videos

July 2, 2015

Can you believe Bluebeam is celebrating our 13th anniversary today? Neither can we! The last 13 years have been so much fun, time has really flown by.

Bluebeam’s mission has always been to help our customers do what they do better. But we love having a good time in the process, and our videos are no exception. To celebrate, let’s take a look back at some of our favorites over the years. Don’t judge.

It all began with the Mighty Bluebeam, our paper-fighting hero who battled the evil “Paper Pusher” to save the people of “Paperopolis” from drowning in paper. Go Mighty Bluebeam, go!


In 2011, Bluebeamer Chris tried his best to hide his Boston accent while narrating this swell little video on collaborating with Bluebeam Studio.


By 2013, we had graduated to full-on “webisodes” for celebrating the release of Revu 11, where David and his friend “Gustavo” spread the word about Digital Signatures. Talk about mad ventriloquism skills!


Later that year, we kicked off the Bluebeam eXtreme Conference keynote with the ultimate Bluebeam “movie trailer.” We laughed, we cried, it became a part of us.


In 2014 we introduced the new “Support on Demand” feature, which delivers real live Bluebeam support personnel, wherever you need them, at the push of a button. OK…not really. It was, after all, released on April 1. 😉


We also visited Dallas on “The Road to Revu 12,” where the gang had a great time catching up with customers and showing users the new features of Revu 12. They even managed to hit a karaoke bar and chase guinea hens at the Fort Worth Stockyard. Yee haw!


Things got musical for the 2014 Bluebeam eXtreme Conference, with Bluebeamers singing and dancing their way through the office for the Keynote opening. Who knew there were so many talented thespians here?


To announce the release of Revu 2015, we brought you a new series of webisodes. But none could really compare to Rob’s star turn as dancer on a mission to bring sparkle to the world and help PDFs render faster on Revu iPad. BTW, don’t tell him it was really Studio GO and not his dancing…he couldn’t bear it.


Hungry for more? Stay tuned to the PDF Insider, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest and greatest updates. Or if you just can’t wait, be sure to attend the upcoming 2015 Bluebeam eXtreme Conference from July 29-31, where you may see some of our latest video creations. There just might be more singing and dancing in store, so you don’t want to miss it!

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