Point of View: Design Review

Senior Program Manager Carolyn Stegon leverages practical project experience to enhance AECOM’s design review process.


AECOM is the top-ranked design firm in ENR’s Top 500 Design Firms for 2017. Inside the organization, innovator and Senior Program Manager Carolyn Stegon leverages her own engineering background to help keep the company engaged with the latest technology products and processes for building scalable success.


  • The speed of technology culture change can produce degrees of user anxiety in response to adopting new technologies
  • With so many tech products on the market, it is tough to choose which ones contribute to a positive impact
  • Process improvements in design review quality and markups were catalysts for digital implementation


  • Understanding the user needs and experience is instrumental in determining adoption
  • Curate a tech stack based on project deliverables, communication and information needs
  • Bluebeam Revu yielded the enhancements desired for AECOM’s design review standards


  • Tailoring specific messaging to address individual user concerns builds trust and buy-in
  • Achieves streamlined project communication and organization on a scalable level
  • Revu was added to the technology stack used by AECOM

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