October 2021




Welcome to Tech Adoption Week 2021

Welcome to the first annual Tech Adoption Week! Over the next few days, we’ll be exploring fresh ways to help you navigate change and ease tech adoption at your organization.

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Tech Adoption Week 2021
artificial intelligence in construction
To create a more desirable future, how should homes, neighborhoods and cities evolve? The SPACE10 Research and Design Lab launched a global competition to find out
Bluebeam’s tool for real-time collaboration, Studio Sessions, and its tool for document storage, Studio Projects, are both invaluable to any construction project, but there are particular ways to use each—and both together—for optimal productivity (from 2022)
Once the hard work of evaluating, implementing and measuring the impact of a digital solution is complete, the last step is to invigorate your team to make the most of the new, powerful tool
When quantity takeoff workflows are simple and accurate, entire construction projects go more smoothly—here’s how technology can help
The pandemic accelerated digital adoption in construction. Here’s how firms of all sizes can approach the new world of digital technology adoption, starting with a discovery process designed to assess your firm’s needs
From 3D intelligence to AI and supply chains and jobsite logistics, tomorrow’s construction worker needs to be equipped with these skills—and more—to thrive in the industry
Contractors are increasingly turning to virtual environments to help with pre-construction, and as more of larger society leans into the so-called metaverse, the technology’s use in construction seems poised to grow
Bluebeam’s dexterity as a construction technology makes it invaluable to the industry, but standardizing its tools and features to specific job roles or workflows makes it even more valuable
Artificial intelligence is finally finding its footing as a powerful augmentation to human ingenuity. Here’s how the technology has progressed in construction—and where it could be headed
The construction industry lags many other sectors when it comes to adopting technology. Could robotics be the answer to the sector’s skill shortage and help deliver faster, better-quality buildings?
As the construction industry continues to embrace new technology, additive manufacturing offers impressive new capabilities for designers and builders
The construction industry is awash in new, ever-changing technology. This week, we're exploring ways to help you navigate tech adoption at your organization.