The Top Built Stories of 2020

From exoskeletons to state-of-the-art sports stadiums, these were the top stories of the Built Blog in 2020

Historians will undoubtedly define 2020 as the year the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, upending economies, cultures and life as we once knew it.  

What has unquestionably emerged from such a challenging year is the resilience shown from so many, including the construction industry, which managed to swiftly adapt to the new environment brought on by the pandemic while continuing to build and innovate in ways that have moved in the industry forward. 

The industry’s forward progress is clearly revealed in the top stories we covered on Built, the Bluebeam Blog, whose re-brand and re-design launched in October after years under the StrXur name. 

Here are the top Built stories of 2020:          

Coming to a Jobsite Near You: ExoskeletonsBarton Malow is testing robotic support systems, or exoskeletons, to reduce worker fatigue and improve safety. 

The Three Biggest Sports Stadiums Set to Open in the U.S. in 2020As sports returned in the middle of the year, these were the most-anticipated stadiums set that opened their doors. 

How to Use Revu for SketchingCustom templates, toolsets and markup tools make Revu ideal for sketching. 

Why Mental Health in the Construction Industry Cannot Be IgnoredThe industry’s stern reputation and physical toll means construction firms need to make an intentional effort to care for workers’ mental well-being. 

Enter the Emerging World of Space Construction: Texas A&M’s Patrick Suermann has one mission: figure out how to build in space. Here’s what Earth-bound contractors can learn from the emerging field of space construction. 

Inside Suffolk’s L.A. “Smart Lab”The contractor has spent the last two years investing in burgeoning technology, headlined by the instillation of seven “Smart Labs.” 

Why COVID-19 Sent Lumber Prices on a Wild Ride: Lumber prices tanked—and then rallied—over the summer. Why? 

For Traffic Safety, Roundabouts Run Circles Around StoplightsIn Indiana’s roundabout capital of Carmel, traffic fatalities are way down, and a maverick mayor is taking the case for this traditional civil infrastructure design on the road. 

How to Build a Bridge Underwater: The recently re-built Tappan Zee Bridge in New York demonstrates the process of underwater construction. 

Can You Reliably Build a Hospital in 10 Days?The Huoshenshan Hospital near Wuhan, China, famously came together in just 10 days in response to the region’s COVID-19 outbreak, but one expert says the feat is unlikely to be repeated in the U.S. 

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