Construction and Big Data 

The construction sector relies increasingly on data. With new technologies—particularly information-gathering gizmos such as sensors—becoming more prevalent across the industry, how much of a role will big data play in companies’ fortunes?

Greenwashing: What Construction Needs to Avoid—And Why

Greenwashing—the act of claiming environmental credentials for a product or project that are unjustified or outright untrue—has no place in the construction sector. Creating sustainable developments through investment in people, materials and delivery practices, plus supporting evidence to corroborate such claims, is the way forward.

Can Apprenticeships Plug the UK’s Skills Gap?

The UK’s construction industry acknowledges that there is a skills crisis, one exacerbated by the departure of many EU-born workers in the wake of the Brexit referendum. A renewed enthusiasm for apprenticeships offers a way to attract fresh blood into the sector and address diversity issues.

Can Reforms Make the UK Planning System Better? 

The UK’s planning rules, which grants permission for developments, particularly housing, have been described by all sides as not fit for purpose. What is wrong with the system, and what does the government propose to do to speed up delivery of the homes the country desperately needs?