Constructing Common Ground at Daytona Rising

Watch this video case study of the Daytona Rising Project and how Barton Malow teams worked together.

DIS itself is so large that fifteen of Florida’s other stadiums can simultaneously be placed within it. The track is so long, the curvature of the earth had to be accounted for by project engineers. The track couldn’t even take a year off – iconic races, like the DAYTONA 500, were held mid-construction. Additionally, the project team had no as-built drawings for the millions of pounds of pre-existing steel beams.

How do you get a massive team to meet the goals of such a complex project?“It starts with the people.”

Watch how Barton Malow, their design partner ROSSETTI, and over 60 additional project partners piloted a completely technology-enabled workforce and bidirectional jobsite mentorships to complete this historic job on-time and on-budget.