International Influencers: Fred Mills

Harnessing video to revitalize the construction industry

The B1M Co-Founder and Director Fred Mills sees the power of technology within construction as a means of revitalizing the industry through improved project communication and data exchange. His website,, harnesses the medium of video to educate and help industry leaders and companies modernize their workflows by showcasing the latest in digital tools, standards and innovation.

“We love construction. And we want the whole world to love it too.” So reads the tagline from, a website dedicated to teaching and promoting innovation within the construction industry. The passion behind the tagline comes from co-founder Fred Mills, himself a product of the construction industry. After earning an architectural engineering and design management BSc degree from Loughborough University, UK, Mills’ career took him to design manager and preconstruction manager roles for a couple of major companies in the UK. Mills traded in his hard hat for a teacher’s cap after becoming frustrated with the lack of consistent messaging and technology advocacy. He decided to start up, which stood for “BIM One Million” as he had hoped that a million people would take inspiration from his website’s videos to help bring progress to the industry. From covering the UK government’s BIM Mandate to industry trends like cross-laminated timber and worker shortages, Mills and his team remain dedicated to spreading and promoting the information that the industry needs to hear. Currently, 1.6 million people watch Mills’ content on a monthly basis, and it’s safe to say that he’s made the right choice in creating and growing a media ally for a global construction industry that so desperately needs one.