Point of View: Document Management

PCL Project Manager Patrick Goforth leverages the PDF and Revu to create custom dashboards that increase project collaboration and reduce costly time loss.

Coordinating document management involves the crucial job of providing the most recent and relevant information to project stakeholders. With over a decade of project experience, from small projects to billion-dollar airport expansions, PCL Project Manager Patrick Goforth shares how Bluebeam Revu® revolutionized the firm’s document management process.


  • Information lost between the trailer and the field
  • Gap between digital natives and non-digital natives impeding flow of information
  • Decentralized documents causing redundant downloads—resulting in severe time waste


  • Use Revu to create a portal for critical project information accessible to office and field
  • Provide easy and quick access to pertinent project information within the PDF
  • Create a digital dashboard and electronic plan table


  • Revu as a PDF platform yields increased coordination and collaboration
  • The PDF provides a common language for digital natives and non-digital natives alike
  • As an informational hub, the dashboard reduces time lost and increases participation

See how Revu can help to streamline your jobsite technology to boost efficiency.