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Improved Measurement Tools Help Estimators, Enhance Quantity Takeoffs

Construction professionals now can set scale across multiple drawings in Revu 20.2 and apply length units independently of page scale

Precision is everything for estimators. Accurate Quantity Takeoffs are a crucial early step for any contract, and Bluebeam Revu has long been great for estimators performing Quantity Takeoffs. 

Measurements taken in Revu go beyond length, width and area, with functions to calculate volume, depth, radius, slope, rise, drop, angle, and arc and cutouts. Features like Dynamic Fill section off and fill complex drawing regions to generate area measurements; the Count tool and VisualSearch, meanwhile, can be used for calculating and tracking quantities. 

Revu 20.2  

Revu 20.2, released March 16, follows on 20.1 with improved measurement tools that build on this foundation. The update includes the ability to set scale across multiple drawings and apply length units independently of page scale.  

The new release also simplifies the process of setting page scale, making it easier to ensure accurate measurements on drawings. Users can also now save custom and calibrated scales to their list of preset scales, so they can use them later.  

The units of length measurement are no longer tied to page scale. Scaled up or down—or even if they are using a different measurement system altogether—users can now take length measurements with whatever units are needed. 

Revu 20.2 is especially useful for users who take advantage of Revu’s Quantity Takeoff and Page Scale capabilities.  

Design and construction professionals should consider the following QTO Tips & Tricks, courtesy of 20-year qualified mechanical engineer Deepak Maini: 

QTO Tips & Tricks  

Calibrate the PDF: Don’t rely on the drawings to be in proper scale. This process ensures that your measurements are accurate. 

Create Custom tool sets: Align all project collaborators by creating and deploying a tool set for takeoffs that can be used and standardized throughout your company and on future projects. 

Use Custom Columns: Why not have an immediate cost breakdown? Columns in the Markups List are highly customizable. With values plugged into your Custom Columns, users can instantly see the materials and price estimates. 

Use VisualSearch: Using this feature, you can find the total count of light fixtures or electrical outlets quickly within your entire bid package by using Revu to search for a visual cue or object. 

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