Scaling Technology in Construction

How to Scale Digital Construction Tech: Part 4

Once the hard work of evaluating, implementing and measuring the impact of a digital solution is complete, the last step is to invigorate your team to make the most of the new, powerful tool

If you develop a strategy designed to produce easy wins regarding the implementation of construction technology from the get-go, you can start with small steps and investments and get buy-in from your team as they see results. Here’s how to create the environment for easy wins and make them happen.

Plan both internal and external communications: Bring your organization on the digital journey with you. Openly share and track your goals so everyone can see the progress you’re making toward achieving them.

Show how digital makes your team’s work life better: Share case studies that quantify benefits and milestones reached toward tangible efficiency or financial gains, and do so using non-technical language. Make progress visual by sharing an internal webpage with digital progress and a ticker or crawler tracking projects being delivered in fewer hours or at lower cost.

Highlight the workers leading the digital charge: Showcase the success of technology champions and digital adopters to encourage other team members to get on board. Create internal opportunities for reward and recognition for reaching digital objectives.

Make digital adoption fun: If your team has an aversion to change, you may need to help them along. For instance, one large general contractor used Bluebeam to share a pizza menu every month. Before staff could select the pizza they wanted, each person had to create a login. They could then collaborate with their co-workers on pizza types and toppings. Not only did the staff ultimately get pizza, but they bought into a digital strategy.

Scale for Your Digital Future

You can drive digital transformation by setting standards from the outset, including data requirements and KPIs. Choose technology that’s flexible, easily scalable and suited for your business needs and supply chain. Outline the process for collaboration in the cloud, ensuring everyone can view the latest information and understand the technology as your digital maturity advances. In the end, the digital journey does not need to be a large, expensive, frightening adventure. By starting small and identifying quick wins, you can ease the path, gain buy-in from your workforce and reap the benefits of making digital scalable.

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